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Weekend Getaway..
November 12, 2008, 1:05 pm
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When you live in San Francisco, it’s very easy to leave for the weekend, especially when Enterprise will rent you cars so cheaply!  So, Owens and I packed a weekend bag and some snacks and headed down to LA for the weekend.

Mostly we went to see this guy,


photo “m’rrissey the champ” by Chris Owens

but don’t tell him that, it’ll just go to his head.

We also got to meet a champion baby, lil Miles Glanville, just 2 weeks old and on one of his first outings!


photo by m’rrissey that I ‘borrowed’ from Kyle’s flickr

Intelligentsia’s new Venice baby will also be something to watch out for!  We were escorted by the Glanville clan to see the new space, fevorishly being built out.  It’s going to be amazing, beautiful, surprising, and cutting edge.  So, come to the Western Regional Barista Competition hosted by Intelli!


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I tried to post this comment on Friday morning.

Does Miles have any relatives from southeast Missouri?

Tine’s maiden name is Glanville.

… Dave

Comment by David Muckerman

Congratulations to you both!! Celina gave us the good news. We’ll be by to see you at Ritual sometime soon.

Cheryl & Norman

Comment by Celina's Parents

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